APP LA US € (box, 2012)

In a time in which technology cannot be overlooked and everyone can be in contact with each other, whenever, wherever, and actually with whomever, the definitions of both friendship and identity seem redefined.

Identities have become based on online sharing of experiences, ranging from ‘Where you’re at’ to recommending the newest hit song but also including the umpteenth ‘Cute-kitty’ video you HAVE to see.

Friendships seem based on the amount of ‘Comments’, ‘Retweets’ and/or ‘Likes, which your shared updates and posts collect. Egos are fed and everyone seems merely interested and has gotten accustomed to Instant Gratification, the applause and cheers you get, even just for farting.


Mixed Media, interactive installation, 130 x 45 x 14 cm


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